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 Is nudity on chat roulette okay?

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MesazhTitulli: Is nudity on chat roulette okay?   Tue May 01, 2012 8:36 am

This website to date though has made some changes, in which you must designate which of three "chat groups" you must enter. Now one of these groups in which you may choose is labeled as "I am 18+, I may broadcast nudity and I don't care about seeing nudity" and you will only be placed in the chat group with other users who have selected the same thing. Now there are many many instances even in the US of men and women masturbating or engaging in other sexual acts, and being pared up with a random person who views this. Now the other viewer is consenting to viewing these acts, however, there is no age check to be sure. In other words say a 16 year old may go on and say s/he is 18 and be exposed to the sexual acts. To get to my question now, is this illegal for someone to be displaying nudity over the internet even if in a group that explicitly states you must be over 18 and open to viewing nudity? The only thing I could compare this to is pornography websites, where one must say they are over either 18 or 21, however, of course there is no way of making sure this actually happens, and there are countless minors viewing nude actresses daily. Wouldn't the actresses be getting in trouble then?


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Is nudity on chat roulette okay?
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